A visual feast from a digital remix

After months of planning and digital construction, Gideon Conn’s new video for ‘Crystallised’ featuring Yvette Riby-williams is ready to watch:)
Created by Rich Williams 

based on ‘Memory Crash’ A digitally remixed artwork by Dex Hannon

Dex starts with a painting on canvas, when the painting is completed, it is not the end, he then remixes the original painting, he works in extra shapes and nature photography and then finishes the reworked image onto canvas.

Gideon conn single

 ‘Once I’d had the realisation that Dex’s digital remix art should be the video content, I knew straight away that Rich Williams (Clockwork Radio/The Soul Harmonic) was the person with the skills and vision to make it happen.’ Gideon Conn

‘The way Dex combines colour, shape and texture really floats my boat and I’m thrilled to have his work as the creative basis for my video.’ Gideon Conn.

This is a unique collaboration between music, art and digital technology, and the video is only the start.
On Thursday we will be releasing an interactive web version of the video where viewers can control the movement with the digital world, complete with Virtual Reality setting.

Watch the video here

Rich Williams also created a virtual world version that you can try out here

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