Colours Sound Synaesthesia Font Project

This is an experimental work that attempts to bring together three creative art forms: poetry, art and music. 

The project works in three ways, simultaneously using visuals, sounds and words.

Each letter of the alphabet is assigned an instrument and an animation sequence, these were designed to reflect the character of the letter. In other words, the poet is given two further instruments with which to work besides purely letters. He becomes the artist, the composer as well as the poet.

His words are interpreted abstractly in audio and visually. Dex Hannon first began this project in the 2000, whilst researching for another project on Synaesthesia. Whilst reading about the work of Schoenberg and Kandinsky on the subject of synaesthesia he found the poem, Vowels by Rimbaud in which he had assigned a colour to each vowel. Dex wanted to take that experiment further.

Was it possible to unite sound, words, and art?

Below is a performance from 22 June 2015 at Phipps Concert hall Huddersfield.

Watch the performance

The Performance features two poems by Dexuality Valentino. 
No6:  Alex Baker (voice & effects) Reuben Thomas (visuals/typing)
Letting the Days go by:  Dex Hannon (voice & effects) Alex Baker (visuals/typing)

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